Ask and you shall receive--the latest Market Snapshot tweaks

February 24, 2017 crodgers

Present company excluded, nothing tells the story of what’s going on in the market better than Market Snapshot, and together, you run a well-oiled machine.

You’re staying top of mind with your past clients with quarterly Market Snapshots & sold alerts, and new leads are wowed by your up-to-the-minute listing alerts.

The landing page you put on Facebook continues to capture leads.

And you’re tying it all together with the Market Snapshot intel you’re using to perform the smartest follow-up ever. (Chris Smith outlined this strategy in our latest webinar.)

Great work indeed. There was one request that kept coming up though. Thomas sums it up nicely:

We’re happy to report it’s a done deal, Thomas!

Say hello to pending listings & welcome back to school info…

IF your MLS allows us to pull and display pending listings, you can now share pending info with your clients!

And the all-important school info is once again back and better than ever. (We had a temporary blip in displaying this info, but that’s behind us. Thanks for your patience!)

Nice! Do I have to do anything to get this to appear on my reports?

For school info--nope, you don’t have to do a thing.

And to make sure pending listings appear on your reports, in Top Marketer, just go to Setup > MLS Setup > and select the Pending check box for buyers & sellers.

That’s all there is to it! (If the Pending check box above doesn’t display, sadly it means that your MLS doesn’t allow us to pull pending listings and display this info.)

That’s it for now, but keep the feedback coming folks! As always, we take each and every request & comment you make to ♥.

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