Market Snapshot landing pages--not just for sellers anymore!

June 22, 2016 crodgers

Time flies when you’re having fun… It’s been over a year since we first introduced you to the beautiful Market Snapshot landing pages, and our numbers show you guys really dig them! Over 9500 of you have created your own landing page. (Aw, shucks.)

Landing page

They don’t require any coding or customization--just grab a link and off you go. They also work flawlessly on any device, and it couldn’t get any easier to add them to Facebook. Life is good, but there was one small request that kept popping up.

Mike said:

Customer comment

And Ricardo agreed:

Customer comment 2

So, Mike and Ricardo (and everyone else that asked), this one’s for you:

Enter page title

You can change the title to anything you want, and if a buyer happens upon your landing page, they can just enter the neighborhood or zip for the area they’re interested in and they’ll get a Market Snapshot. Cool, right?

Buyer landing page

(To change the title, just go to > click Professional Landing Pages > after logging in, enter a title!)

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