New summer-themed email templates make follow-up a breeze

June 27, 2014 crodgers

We’ve got 3 new summer templates you can use to keep in touch with your clients this summer! So you can spend less time thinking of what to say and more time soaking up rays (or selling more houses--whatever floats your boat). These templates will get more responses than a drip email would. Why? Because the templates are short and about the recipient. They come across as a personal email you sent to them and them only, so they’re more likely to respond!

Here’s where you can find ‘em:

Conveniently they’re in the Follow-up Coach, so when the coach prompts you with your daily 5, just select a summer template and click send.


Send them while standing in line for coffee too, with the Follow-up Coach on mobile.


You can access these templates whenever you send email from within Top Producer CRM too.


And keep in mind, if you want to tweak our templates or add your own to use in the Follow-up Coach, just make sure you save them in the “Follow-up coach quick response emails” category and you’ll be good to go!

Got an awesome email that you use and would like to share OR have an idea for one that we can craft up? Let us know! Have a great summer and happy follow-up!

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