Want to know who your biggest snapshot fans are?

August 21, 2014 crodgers

You’re wowing your new leads and present clients with timely, accurate and engaging Market Snapshots and Listing Alerts. You’re also sending them to your past clients so you stay top of mind (you know this will lead to repeat business and referrals). You run a well-oiled machine.

With all this fabulous and engaging content, you must have quite a few fans out there… Don’t you want to know who they are?

Now you will. Every Monday morning we’ll send you this beauty. (Who said Mondays are no fun?)

Snapshot report

You’ll not only know who your most engaged clients are, but you’ll also see how many snapshots and alerts you’re sending out each week. Whether you’re rocking the numbers or need to step up your game and send some more, it’ll be clear with just a quick glance.

And for those whose numbers are not so impressive…

Don’t worry… There’s a reason for it and a really simple solution too, which we’ve laid out for you here. In no time at all these numbers will be up to snuff and you’ll be reaping the benefits!

And if you need help interpreting the report, these FAQs will help you on your way. Enjoy the intel and happy cultivating!

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