#reconnect contest & the law of attraction

January 24, 2017 crodgers

We launched the #reconnect contest back in November, and since then the most rewarding part of our day has been spent hearing how you, our talented customers, use the power of the Follow-up Coach to help you in your business.

After careful consideration, we’ve chosen our latest winner--Veronica Key--whose dedicated & diligent use of the Follow-up Coach to keep in touch with her clients is nothing short of inspiring.

To quote our latest winner:

And Veronica, we simply cannot thank you enough for your continued support all these years!

Meet Veronica

Veronica is a successful Broker that works for the Harvey Kalles Real Estate Brokerage in the Toronto area. She’s been in the real estate business for over 28 years and her goal this year is utilizing ‘The Law of Attraction’.

Understanding that where you place your focus can have an intense impact on what happens to you, she’s been using the Follow-up Coach to help her reconnect with clients she’s lost touch with.

The results have been quite remarkable…

Following the Coach’s advice, Veronica contacted a client she hadn’t seen or spoken with in 8 years. Sure she’d sent out email blasts, but that’s about it. One week later, that client sent a $2M referral her way and she is now actively working with them. 

She also credits 3 future commitments all because of the Coach saying “yoo-hoo, you need to talk to this person”, and Veronica doing just that.

Nicely done, Veronica!

Here’s how she does it

Whenever Veronica is waiting in a space where she can’t make calls, she uses the Follow-up Coach on her iPhone to send a quick email.

This follow-up method also works great for leads because quite often she doesn’t have a phone number--just an email address.

Whenever she can though, Veronica uses the power of the personal touch and picks up the phone to connect with her clients. She always, always enters notes so she can personalize the next touch, schedules the next follow-up, and organizes them while they’re front and center.

Thankfully you can do all this from within the Coach by clicking the Wrap up button:


So to recap:

To close, we’d like to thank Veronica for sharing her story and congratulate her on her success!

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