Set up your profile

We want you to feel at home here, so log in and add your contact info, website, agent photo, and more. Plus, connect your MLS and other Top Producer® solutions to supercharge your business. This one-time setup only takes a few minutes!

To get started with Top Producer®, you’ll need to set up your profile first. 

Get Started:

  • Log in to Top Producer® CRM.
  • The Setup Wizard will be there to greet you.
  • If this isn’t your first time logging in or you don’t see the wizard, go to your name in the top right > click My Account > click the 8i Setup tab > then Run the 8i Setup Wizard.
  • Here you can add your contact and website info, along with photos, like your agent photo and logo. The info you enter here will show up on your marketing materials.
  • When you’re done, click Next.

Next up, connect your MLS with the click of a button.

  • Select your MLS name > enter your username and password > specify the default (if you have more than 1), and that’s it!
  • For now, you can save steps 3 & 4 of the wizard for another time. Click Next > then Done to complete the wizard.

That’s it!

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