4 simple ways to drum up business & the scripts to do it

July 6, 2017

We recently invited Travis Robertson, a top real estate coach, to share how he’s helped thousands of agents reach their goals. From text & call scripts, to activating the law of reciprocity so leads are more likely to engage, Travis’ strategies are pretty awesome, and better yet, they’ve been proven to work time and time again! Read on for our quick recap and highlights.

First things first, set a goal

Recognized by Inman as a top coach in the real estate industry, Travis knows a thing or 2 about setting goals. Here’s his recommended approach:


Now that you’ve got a goal, here are 4 ways to drum up new business 


That's all for now, folks - here's to your success!

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[Infographic] 4 Ways to Drum Up New Business
[Infographic] 4 Ways to Drum Up New Business

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