Chris Smith Tip Series: The 9-word email

January 18, 2017 crodgers

The first tip in this series focused on how to connect with your peeps on Facebook Messenger. This next tip is all about what to do with those cold leads--you know, the ones in your database that never amounted to anything.  Chris recommends using this tip to either warm them up a wee bit, or move on to the next.

Introducing the 9-word email

Have you ever written out a three-paragraph masterpiece, then wondered why you didn’t get a response? Chris recommends something much more simplistic for your cold buyer & seller leads: the 9-word email.

We took Chris’ 9 words and slightly tweaked them so these emails will play well with Top Producer® CRM.

This simple yet effective email will elicit a response--one way or another. Sure, you’ll get some who ask to be removed from your list, but then you’ll know who to spend your time on!

So the next time the Follow-up Coach bubbles up a cold lead…

Send them this email! The steps below show you how easy it is. We’ve added these 2 templates to the Follow-up Coach, so you just have to tap to send. For the seller email, look for ‘Just checking in’ (shown in step 3 below), and for the buyer email, look for ‘What can you afford’ (you’ll have to scroll down to see it).

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