5 ways to generate real estate leads with Market Snapshot® reports

June 21, 2019

Market Snapshot® is a premier real estate follow-up tool that helps agents stay relevant, keep contacts engaged and provide local market expertise with accurate market reports tailored to each client. With industry leading open rates (up to 10x an industry email*), these attractive report can help agent’s stay top-of-mind AND find their next opportunity when deployed in the following 5 ways. 

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1. Facebook and other social media

Get your Market Snapshot® reports working on social! Easily create a lead-capture landing page with a catchy title (e.g. "What is my home worth?") and high-traffic domain name like “Orlando Home Values,” and then promote your page on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

2. Website widgets

Add a lead-capture widget to your Top Producer® website, so visitors just have to enter a few details to receive a Market Snapshot® report (and you get their contact info for follow-up!). Our top agents have these available on every single page! And you can also double your marketing efforts by installing a widget on our new single property landing pages. Share the link with your clients and get everyone promoting your listings while you continue to capture new clients.

3. Lead reply 

Double, then triple check that all your leads are receiving automated Market Snapshot® reports. This is a great way to separate yourself from competitors who might just send a text or an email. Enjoy the benefits of a digital handshake which includes similar homes in the area, neighborhood walk scores, school reports, and more.  And since the report is fully branded to you, you’ll stay top of mind while providing value.

4. Open House Landing Pages

Open houses are still a great way to make a human connection with potential clients. Help make the connection last by signing visitors in using custom  open house landing pages and eliminate the need for a (dusty, old) sign-in sheet. By following the prompts, visitors see the value in providing accurate contact information to receive updates from your Market Snapshot® reports on their local neighborhood.

5. Email & Follow-up

Upgrade your email signature with a catchy hyperlink like “What’s My Home Worth”. This creates opportunity in every correspondence you send plus your contacts will remember where to look first should they consider moving. Then be proactive and research the contacts in your database missing an address or not currently signed up for a Market Snapshot® report. You can then create a call list, an email template or simply apply an action plan.



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*Mailchimp Email Marketing Benchmark Statistics 

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