Branding 101: Consistency and the all-important first impression (Part 2)

February 5, 2019

If you read Part 1 of this series, you've already identified your target audience, created a unique value prop for your business, and have a well-crafted real estate bio that showcases the value you offer. Nice work.

But before you start marketing your brand across the web, take a minute to read Part 2 of this series to make sure no Branding 101 box is left unchecked. 

First things first, brand consistency.

Don't be distracted by glittery objects. While your competitor may be running ads with out-of-this-world branding and visuals, try not to be tempted to switch everything upunless you're ready to do a full rebrand. 

Brand repetition and predictability are really important to helping your brand achieve that instant recognition across the web (and in real-life too!). A consistent presentation of a brand can increase revenue by 23% on average.

Consider these items when measuring your brand's consistency: 

  Design: Colors, fonts, formatting. These things should remain consistent across all your online and offline marketing efforts.

  Visuals: Your logo and headshot should be the same across the board. You want to make sure Larry the Lead would recognize you if you happened to bump into him at the grocery store.

   Messaging: Your real estate bio and tagline need to be consistent, including the tone of voice used and story you tell. 

And this consistency should be reflected on:

  • Your website and blog
  • Real estate search websites
  • Social media channels
  • Print materials and signage
  • And, well, everywhere

Last but not least, make sure your online presence is as impressive as you are.

74% of buyers from all generations use the internet in some way throughout their home search, so you can bet potential clients will first check you out online.

While it's of the utmost importance that your website and social media profiles reflect your brand, make sure you have a presence on the leading real estate search websites too. (If you haven't already, it just takes a minute to sign up for your free agent profile on®.) 

And the proof is in the pudding, so rather than tell potential clients you’re trustworthy and have years of experience, why not include glowing reviews that speak for themselves? Ask your current clients for a review as part of your process, and don't be shy about it70% of consumers say they’ll leave a review if they’re asked to.

So now that you've invested the time, effort and patience into building your brand... 

It's time to spread the message far and wide and let it shine. And we have no doubt you'll do just that. 

For more tips on how to nail it online, check out this quick read. And if giving your website a sleek, modern upgrade sounds good to you, we'd  to help. Give us a call at 1-833-387-1911 or click here to learn more about the mobile-friendly websites offered in the Top Producer® success suite.

1 - The Impact of Brand Consistency’ report by Lucidpress and Demand Metric
2 - BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey, 2017

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