A Closing Coordinator’s thoughts on transaction management and Top Producer® X CRM

March 16, 2021

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Alley Poll is a Closing Coordinator with Greenridge Realty, Inc. in Fremont, Michigan. Making sure the real estate transaction process runs smoothly for over 15 agents, she knows a thing or two about managing transactions. So we couldn’t wait to get her thoughts on transaction management and Top Producer® X CRM in general. 

In addition to supporting the 15 agents at Greenridge, Alley also works with her husband, a real estate agent and Top Producer® user for over 18 years. Having used the program herself for 11 years, we asked Alley what she thinks of Top Producer® X CRM so far: 

“I think the progress that’s being made with Top Producer® X CRM is amazing.
We’ve been with Top Producer® for so long—it’s really going to help us.”

Here are 3 tips from a long-time user on getting started with Top Producer® X CRM. 

 Use the Task Plans and key dates to help keep your real estate transactions organized 

Real estate transactions are complex, and being the person responsible for making sure all the “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” are crossed, Alley knows the importance of streamlined workflows: 

“The Task Plans are a lot simpler in Top Producer® X CRM. I started with one of the available templates and then changed it to match my process.”

During the interview, Alley also brought up an excellent question that highlights the importance of key dates in a transaction: 

“Once a deal closes, there’s a 30 day possession, but I’m checking in after 15 days, 10 days, and so on. Is there an easy way to track the possession date after close?”

And we’re happy to report that doing just that couldn’t be simpler. We’ve added many key dates to the transactions in Top Producer® X CRM, so you can build your workflows around these dates.


Just add a task related to the key date to your Transaction Task Plan and you’ll be reminded when the time comes:

 Pro tip: And the best part? These workflows are dynamic, so as dates change, your whole workflow will adjust automatically.  

 Take advantage of the MLS integration

As Alley explores Top Producer® X CRM, she’s learning about the advantages that come with MLS integration. For starters, property statuses are automatically pulled from the MLS, so status info is easily accessible:  

“With just a quick glance, my husband can see the status of all the listings - which are active, pending, etc.”

And from a recent webinar she also learned that not only does MLS integration allow you to import listings with just a click, you can also track the buyer journey with MLS-powered property insights

We can’t wait to see what other benefits Alley will discover!

 Use the available resources & never stop learning

Last but not least, Alley is a firm believer in ongoing professional development and attends our weekly webinars on a regular basis. From our product update & strategy-based sessions with Keith on Wednesdays, to our setup and getting started webinars with Spencer, Alley tunes in and pays attention:

“I want to learn as much as possible every day! Every time I attend one of the weekly sessions, I learn something new.” 

 Pro tip: For more info on our weekly sessions, check out our events calendar


To close, we’d like to thank Alley for taking time out of her busy schedule to share some great tips, and also thank her and her husband for their loyalty all these years. We wish them both continued success and are honored to be part of their process. 

Inspired by Alley’s tips? Log in to Top Producer® CRM now and check it out!

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