New in Top Producer® X: advanced Market Snapshot® reports

June 10, 2019

To bring all of your Top Producer® solutions under one roof , we’re adding Market Snapshot® functionality to Top Producer® X (our next-gen CRM, currently in beta). And we’re happy to report we’re one giant leap closer—you can now tailor your Market Snapshot® reports using the advanced search feature in Top Producer® X!

Thousands of agents use Market Snapshot® reports to stay top-of-mind with past and potential clients, because the click-through rates are pretty phenomenal—10.81% for the month of May to be exact (psst, the industry average is 1.80%1).

So how do you make a good thing even better?

Use the advanced search to send a more relevant, personalized Market Snapshot® report.

Typically when you send a Market Snapshot® report to a new customer, you use the basic search fields (address, beds, baths, etc). As you learn more about what they’re looking for, you can use the advanced search fields—county, subdivision, school district, pool, etc—to further refine the search so it matches more closely what they’re looking for.

Here’s an example:

Meet Bill. He's not picky, he just knows what he wants. He has a few specific neighborhoods in mind, and is looking for a two-storey contemporary property with ocean views and lots of windows.

So how do you use Market Snapshot® reports to help Bill find what he wants? Easy, use the advanced search to select two-storey, waterfront properties in multiple zip codes.

Here’s how to create a personalized report for Bill:

  1. In Top Producer® X, open the contact > click the Snapshot tab > then click the Advanced button.

  1. Select the criteria for the report—in Bill’s case, two-storey waterfront properties in multiple zip codes—and that’s all there is to it!
    (Note that just like the advanced search in Top Marketer control panel, the criteria that’s available to you is dependent on your MLS.)  


Want to send meaningful, personalized and relevant content? Find out how Top Producer® solutions can help - give us a call at 1.855.534.5534.  

1 – MailChimp Email Marketing Benchmark Statistics

Screenshots represent site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice.

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