12 marketing tips to fill your pipeline (courtesy of Chris Smith!)

December 16, 2016

What’s more festive and merry than Chris Smith and our own Ryan Green in Santa hats? Not much, except the 12 tips that’ll keep you rocking around the Christmas tree well into the New Year! 

We hosted the hap-happiest of webinars this week, and Chris gave some great marketing tips that are guaranteed to fill your listing pipeline in 2017. 

 Gifts to MVP Customers

You know the ones—the 5 or 10 in your database that send you business year after year.

Psst, with Loop and Tie you can pick a great collection of gifts for as little as $25 and they can choose what they want. A branded gift experience that you can track—pretty cool.

Personal notes

Sometimes a handwritten note can go a long way. Thank them for their business. Thank them for a referral. There are services that can do this for you—Bond.co is one, but there are cheaper ones out there too.

Robots writing cursive?  Who would’ve thought…

 Seller-focused website

A lot of agent websites today are buyer-centric, with Search for Homes prominently displayed on the home page.

What about your listings though? Shouldn’t they be the star of your website? Of course they should, and since experience matters, make sure your site showcases all of the listings you sold too.


Don’t use social media as an excuse not to talk to people. Call everyone you know. Here’s a script from Chris that’ll make it easier (and more effective): “Do you know how much your home’s value went up this year? Would you like to?  Last question—are you thinking of selling in the next 6 months?” 

Direct mail

Don’t just use EDDM, think strategic—get a good (local!) domain name (homevaluesdelray.com) and make it beautiful.

If you live in Denver, register the domain name ‘denverhomevalues.com’ and put a big, beautiful photo of Denver front and center. Then send it to everyone with a pulse in the area. 

 "We have buyers"

Send a personal letter that you have a buyer that is interested in their home: “I have a buyer who definitely wants to live in your neighborhood. Are you interested in selling right now?”

Or post this on Facebook: “I have a buyer who wants to live in your neighborhood. If your home is between x and y, let me know.” 

Digital Door knocking

Back to the basics, but in a modern way that helps your brand. Instead of printouts, use your tablet. Even if you don’t have listings, Market Snapshot makes the conversation a snap: “Here’s what’s going on in your neighborhood right now.”

And for those not selling soon, ask if they want to be emailed a list of homes that have sold in the last month. 

Guess the price

Your sphere needs to know when you have a listing, but make it fun. Post it on Facebook asking them to guess the price. Winner gets a $25 (or less) gift card.

This one has a wide appeal, so include your past clients and farming neighborhoods.

Psst, you can create a custom audience in Facebook from your Top Producer CRM database. We’ll show you how in an upcoming blog post.

Homes sold in the neighborhood

Do a Just Sold campaign. Create an audience in Facebook and add the address of the property that sold to target those in the neighborhood.

If you have Market Snapshot, provide your sphere with insights with the powerful sold data you have access to. 

Past client sphere

Send a mass email about how Zillow’s zestimate for their own CEO’s house was 40% off what it actually sold for. Guaranteed responses with this one!

And this tip from Chris has me excited—use buzzsumo.com to get ideas for your email marketing. It shows the most viral articles on social media, so enter “real estate” to get some great ideas. 

9-word email

Send the 9-word email to any old seller leads you’ve generated this year—the cold ones that never amounted to anything. Here's the subject line: Quick Question. And the 9 words... “Are you still looking to sell your home soon?”

Reach out on Facebook

Start a conversation with those that matter most—use Facebook Messenger to connect with your past clients and sphere. Check out who’s logged on and say: “Hey, I’m working on a quick work project. Have a second to chat?”

After they say yes, ask: “I’m curious—do you have any idea how much your home’s value went up this year?” 

And with that folks, we bid you adieu for 2016. But before we part, we’ve said it before—we really are in awe of what you do. You help people not only find a house, you help them find the sanctuary they can’t wait to come home to every night, and the place where the most cherished of memories are made. It’s pretty awesome, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

Enjoy the magic of the season. From our family to yours, may your holidays be merry and bright, and your 2017 filled with unimaginable success. 

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