Landing pages 101

May 9, 2017

We all know that in order to succeed in business, you must market yourself. You post to Facebook consistently, write blogs, send emails and even cold-call. You’re a marketing-machine, but you’re still not bringing in as many leads as you’d like. If you’re sending your audience to your homepage, that might be the reason why…

Here’s where landing pages come into play

Landing pages are a critical piece of online lead gen & conversion. They can take your lead gen to the next level and turn unsuspecting visitors into bonafide leads, but putting them together can be tricky.

Don’t worry—with help from Unbounce’s Conversion Benchmark Report, we’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to landing pages. Real estate landing pages have an average conversion rate of 1.3% - 8.7%, but here’s how to get in the top 10% - 14% where you belong.

So now that you’re all fired up about landing pages, where do you start?

With the stunning Market Snapshot landing pages, the work is done for you! There’s no coding or customization needed—just grab a link and off you go. They work flawlessly on any device.

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