FiveStreet and Top Producer - better as a team!

May 2, 2014 Vicki Cunningham

FiveStreet and Top Producer CRM have played well together for some time. We’re happy to report they just got a bit closer…

You know that FiveStreet provides a single place to consolidate all your leads from a multitude of sources. It responds to leads within 5 minutes and, if you’re part of a team, lets you broadcast new leads to your team members so they can claim them (the first to claim the lead gets it!). FiveStreet customers always say “…the best agent to respond to a lead is the agent that is available to respond!”

Customers that have added FiveStreet to the mix immediately see a huge increase in both the response rate of leads, but more importantly, the response time to leads (over 90% are responded to in 5 minutes!).

And the reporting dashboard shows you which sources give you the most leads. (More=good, right? That’s only part of the puzzle, but I’ll get to that…)

It then throws the ball to Top Producer CRM, where it sends all leads. (A nice bonus for teams—leads are automatically assigned to the team member that claimed them in FiveStreet!)

In Top Producer CRM, you and your team work your magic by tracking touchpoints and updating the lead’s status as they move through your pipeline.

A nice partnership for sure, but it was a bit one-sided… But now Top Producer CRM is doing a little giving of its own by sending status changes to FiveStreet!

What’s the big whoop, you ask? Teams can now use the FiveStreet dashboard to see how their team is performing. Knowledge is power, right? (If all of Tom’s leads are sitting at New, and Sophie’s are bombing through Active to Closed, this speaks volumes, no?)

And whether you’re a team or work solo, the dashboard now flat out tells you who’s giving you the good leads and who’s giving you duds! Picture this…

Provider A gives you 4 leads. They are all sitting at the New or Engage status. (You tried—they just weren’t good leads.)

Provider B only gave you 2, but they’re bombing through your pipeline! One is Active and you’ve Closed the other. (Nice work!)

Quality over quantity plays an important role here, and now you have this piece of the puzzle! (I’d spend more with Provider B any day.)

So really, all you need to do is hook FiveStreet up with Top Producer CRM. (In FiveStreet, just to go Account > Add-Ons & Integrations and click Configure beside Top Producer.)

Then, make sure you’re moving leads through your pipeline in Top Producer CRM. (And you can do that with the tap of a finger while standing in line for coffee. Aren’t you efficient?)

Screenshots represent site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice.

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Vicki Cunningham

Vicki Cunningham is the General Manager at Top Producer.

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