Lead conversion tips wrapped up in acronym packages

January 31, 2017

So you’ve scored some seller leads - nice work! Now you want to know how to convert them. From scripts for dealing with seller lead objections when you call, to basing your follow-up on who’s actually engaging with your stuff, Chris Smith recently shared some powerful tips - and they’re all wrapped up in easy-to-remember acronym packages. What could be better?

Use BBF when you follow up

BBF will be your BFF if you use it in your follow-up. And it pretty much comes down to these 2 things…

Want to see this in action? Okay. You send out a Market Snapshot on Wednesday. All day Thursday you should be calling everyone that opened it. Not only that, but call those who didn’t and ask if you can tailor it more to their interests.

Remember this: If your email marketing is connected to your phone call prospecting, the effectiveness of both shoot through the roof. It’s as simple as that.

Oh, I use Market Snapshot. Where can I find the intel?

In a few places.

1. First up, the Follow-up Coach in Top Producer CRM makes this way too easy. It gives you a nudge when someone hasn’t viewed the Market Snapshot you sent.

2. The Notifications tab in the contact record in Top Producer CRM shows you details of the snapshots and listing alerts you send, while the Summary tab shows you snapshot details.

We also send a Market Snapshot summary report that tells you who your biggest fans are, and you can view the status of the reports you send from the Top Marketer Control Panel.

Use STS when responding to leads

S-T- what? Hear us out…

When following up with your leads, you need:

Tips on speed & tenacity

If you don’t make contact the 1st time, don’t bother leaving a voice mail. Do leave one from the 2nd call on though. And we get that you’re not superhuman, so check out this blog post for ways we can help you automate these steps & when the best days/times are to make your calls.


You need to be prepared with what they’re going to say and what you’re going to say in return. To deal with brick-wall objections when you call, Chris recommends using ARP:

Here’s an example—you pick up the phone and call a seller lead. They say:

Acknowledge: “Oh, you thought you were just going to receive an automatic report? Sorry about that.”

Respond: “Did you know that automated reports are wildly inaccurate? Despite what you may read about zestimates and AVMs, they’re essentially just a guesstimate of your home’s value.”

Pivot: “I can get an accurate value for you if you want.”

See how this works? Here’s another one. When you call a seller lead, they say:

Acknowledge: “Oh, you’re already working with an agent? No problem – I appreciate you letting me know that.”

Respond: “Have you signed a listing agreement with them?”

Pivot: “You know, we found a lot of the people we work with already had an agent that dropped the ball before they hired us.”

You get the drift… happy converting!

If you need help getting started with Top Producer® CRM, give us a call at 1-888-530-9666 or request a demo. We’re happy to help!

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