The 20 minute rule for real estate follow up

October 7, 2016

Your clients ♥ you. So much so, in fact, that 90% of buyers and 86% of sellers said they were satisfied with their agent and would work with them again. However... many do not.  In fact, only 12% of buyers said they used an agent they had worked with in the past.1 

What's the reason? It’s simple—as time passes, agents get busy serving other clients and they forget to stay in touch.

There’s a cold reality of not maintaining a relationship with past clients…

They’ll likely work with someone else when the time comes. Not only that, but new leads don’t convert nearly as well as the past clients who already know, like and trust you. There’s no denying it—your database still reigns as the #1 source of business.

How to follow up with 5 clients a day in just 15-20 minutes

Knowing how busy you are and the key role that follow-up plays in your business, Top Producer® CRM takes the guesswork out of who to follow up with and when. The Follow-up Coach hands you 5 clients you should connect with, and even suggests actions based on your relationship.

The Coach is accessible immediately after you log in to Top Producer® CRM on your desktop or mobile device. (Psst, to access the mobile version, just enter in your mobile device’s browser. And here’s a link that tells you how to add a shortcut to your home screen.)

Coach on desktop and mobile

Designed specifically to help you follow up in the precious few minutes of downtime you have during the day—at a slow open house, while standing in line for coffee—the quick and easy follow-up options help you make a meaningful connection in no time flat.

Follow-up Coach

Arguably the best way to connect is to pick up the phone and call. Knowing you don’t always have time for a chat though, you can send a text message, a Market Snapshot® or one of our casual & personal quick email templates.

And when you do reach out, take 2 seconds to wrap it up—record the details & schedule the next touchpoint—to create a never-ending cycle of consistent and meaningful follow-up that will lead to repeat & referral business for many years to come.

Wrap up

Sounds great. How do I set this up?

If you're a Top Producer® customer, you don’t have to do a thing. As long as you have contacts in your database, chances are the Follow-up Coach will have suggestions on who you should reach out to.

Now we’ve set defaults for how often each group will appear in the Coach, but you can easily change this. (Just click Why these contacts? in Top Producer CRM on your desktop and then enter your magic number.)

Coach settings

And that’s all there is to it! 

If you need help getting started with Top Producer® CRM, give us a call at 1.855.534.5534. We're happy to help!

National Association of REALTORS® 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Screenshots represent site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice. 

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