Stay ahead of competitors on Facebook with StreetText and Top Producer

August 23, 2016

It’s no secret that Facebook ads have the potential to become your secret weapon in a competitive market, and our recent integration with StreetText will help you do just that. From Facebook ads designed to attract buyers and sellers, to verifying lead quality based on readiness and the info they provide, StreetText helps you streamline your lead gen. So naturally, with Top Producer CRM’s lead nurturing and follow-up capabilities, we figured they’d be a great match.

The proof is in the pudding—here’s how 2 agents used both systems to grow their business

Meet Matthew Nicolas and Reid Boles—they’re on track to increase their transaction volume by 25% this year. Last year they did 200 units; this year they plan to do 250.

To achieve this kind of growth, they needed to maximize their marketing dollars and leverage a powerful CRM to turn opportunities into clients. Matthew, recently named one of Canada’s Top 100 Agents, shares the strategies and tools they’ve used to be successful.

Q: How are you attracting new clients to your business?

“We have a real good track record in Winnipeg, that helps a lot. But ultimately it comes down to our systems and touches. We use Top Producer CRM and StreetText for our digital lead generation.”

Q: What kind of touches are you referring to?

“Each week we send out a direct mail campaign to all our leads. We also send our weekly emails from Top Producer and follow up with phone calls. We convert off that.”

Q: Are you doing any other marketing and how does StreetText compare?

“We have other campaigns and are running print and newspaper advertising as well. However, we are transitioning out of print and getting more into digital with StreetText.

StreetText is absolutely the best performing advertising platform out of any advertising we’ve done, ever. We’ve landed large contracts through StreetText. We’re really impressed.”

Q: Have you found StreetText has helped your brand recognition?

“Yes, we’ve done conversions directly because of that. Our brand gets a lot of exposure from StreetText through our Facebook page. We landed a pretty large multi-unit contract as a result.”

Q: How long does it take before a lead from StreetText turns into a client?

“On the buying side we usually get someone right away. On the listing side it takes on average about 4 or 5 touches.”

Q: Who do you use to manage that?

“We do everything in our office. Our team uses Top Producer to manage our clients and we mail the print campaigns in-house. It’s an easy straightforward system. We had the machine for it already with Top Producer and have now expanded our digital lead generation through StreetText.”

Q: How was it implementing StreetText with Top Producer?

“It’s been super easy. We’ve got nurturing emails set up on Top Producer. When we signed up for StreetText, we put the new leads on the drip email and away we go.”

Connecting StreetText with Top Producer

Setting up the integration is easy.

1. First, grab your notification email address from Top Producer CRM. From the Settings area, click the Contacts tab > then click Copy to copy your email address.

2. Then copy the email address into StreetText.

That’s it! All your leads will now be sent to Top Producer CRM and your StreetText account email address. 

Screenshots represent site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice.

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