High-touch, high-tech & a little candy

May 26, 2017

Ryan Green, VP of Product, teamed up with real estate experts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson to bring you the latest strategies to help you stand out in real estate. In this action-packed hour, they shared fresh approaches on prospecting, lead nurturing and unique ways to stay top of mind with past clients. 

The 1st step—getting the lead

Coming from a real estate family, Greg knew the importance of prospecting from the get-go. From knocking on 100-200 doors & making 500-750 calls a day, he’s helped his team become one of the most successful in the East Bay region outside San Francisco.

And while Greg’s knowledge, experience and outgoing personality are ultimately what help him succeed in his prospecting efforts, he relies on technology to automate & simplify as much as he can.

His top prospecting tool—the Mojo dialer

Greg uses the Mojo dialer to grid the entire city and create call lists. Mojo dials 3 different lines on his behalf, connects him the minute a live connection is detected, and integrates with Top Producer CRM too.

The 2nd step—nurturing the lead

With just the click of a button, Greg sends any qualified leads in Mojo to Top Producer CRM where a contact record is automatically created. He then sends out a Market Snapshot and applies a follow-up action plan to make sure they don’t slip through the cracks. Easy, peasey.

Pro tip: If the lead is in the early stages of buying/selling, send a 2-week or monthly Market Snapshot. If they’re in the active stage, send them a weekly snapshot with listing, price change & sold alerts. Greg recommends having a primer conversation with a lead before sending the Market Snapshot to let them know what’s coming and what to expect.

The 3rd step—give ‘em ♥ to ensure repeat & referral business

60% of the team’s business comes from past clients and referrals, so you know they’re doing something right.

To stay top of mind, Greg’s team is constantly reaching out to their clients. From monthly parties (beer & tacos/wine & cheese), pop-bys that offer something of value, to non-real estate emails sent via Happy Grasshopper, the team is constantly letting people know they’re still in the game. Oh, and he sends out real estate videos to 5800 of his closest friends twice a month too.

But just how do they keep track of all this?

Well, for starters, Greg and his team ♥ Top Producer CRM’s action plans

Now keep in mind they’ve been using Top Producer CRM for 12 years, so when it comes to action plans, their ducks are in a row.

From automating follow-up with prospects, to keeping track of who’s getting Christmas cards and invites to their parties, action plans are running the show. They even have a ‘candy plan’ to make sure their VIPs get their yearly dose of East Bay’s finest candy.

And My Business is the hub that keeps track of it all.

And while action plans are great, don’t forget the power of the Follow-up Coach

Action plans can be very powerful, but new users should start with the Follow-up Coach. It’s an action plan in itself really. If you haven’t logged some form of communication with a contact in a while, the Coach will bubble them up to make sure they don’t slip through the cracks and list with another agent.

Greg and his team admittedly weren’t using the Coach much until Ryan explained the sheer power and brilliance behind it. They then decided to take it for a spin and the results were pretty impressive. The Coach bubbled up someone that Greg hadn’t spoken with in 4 years, and another he hadn’t spoken with in 15!
Being the gutsy guy he is, Greg picked up the phone and called the client he hadn’t talked to in 15 years. She was super happy to hear from him and said when they sell in 5 years, he’ll be their agent.

Pro tip: Now starting a conversation with someone you haven’t talked to in eons isn’t easy. Greg & Matt recommend that 1st you own it, and 2nd tell them how you’re going to improve. Something like:

And last, but most certainly not least—the Market Snapshot

The beauty of the Market Snapshot is it works for all stages of the client lifecycle, and for past clients consider it a real estate investment report. Send them a Market Snapshot once a quarter along with sold alerts to let them know how their investment is performing and what the neighbor’s house sold for too.

That’s it for now, folks. We hope you found this useful!

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