From showings to fun in the sun, Calendar Feed has you covered

June 1, 2016 crodgers

Summer schedulesJust in time for your busy summer schedules--you can now add your Top Producer CRM calendar to your Outlook 2016 calendar, Office 365 calendar, and your Apple calendar (which means your iPhone too)!

From never-ending work tasks to sun, beaches and barbecues, staying on top of everything you need to do has never been easier. Setting it up is a cinch--all you have to do is grab the link from Top Producer CRM and go.

(Office 365 users, this may be old news as we announced this to you a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t set it up yet though, read on!)

To set up the Calendar Feed:

1. Go to the Settings area in Top Producer CRM > click the Integrations tab > click the Copy button in the Calendar Feed section.

Calendar Feed integration

2. Now you can paste the URL into your calendar. (Just click the name of your calendar below for the steps. )

Outlook 2016

a. Open your calendar.

b. Click the Folder tab along the top > then click the Open Calendar drop-down > then click From Internet.

c. Paste the link you copied from Top Producer CRM (CTRL + V) > then click OK.

d. If prompted, click Yes to subscribe to updates. 

Apple calendar

a. Open your calendar.

b. Select File > New Calendar Subscription.

c. Click Subscribe.

d. To make sure changes you make in Top Producer CRM are reflected in this calendar, change the Auto-refresh frequency to Every day > then click OK

Office 365 calendar

a. Open your calendar.

b. On the Outlook navigation bar, click the App Launcher App icon > then click Calendar.

c. Click Add calendar > From internet.

d. Paste the link you copied from Top Producer CRM (CTRL + V on Windows; CMD + V on a Mac).

e. Click Save

That’s all there is to it! If you have more questions, you can find the answers here.

And while summer is still a little less than 3 weeks away, make sure you schedule in as much flip-flop time as possible! Flip flops

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